As a designer and manufacturer of fast, flexible broadband network systems, Antronix strives to remain at the forefront of industry trends and consumer demands. This manufacturer plays a leading role in the market for cable, VoIP and data communication solutions, including high-performance multi-media amplifiers, optical transport products and more.

Worldwide Supply gives enterprise networks and broadband providers a smart, cost-effective way to access high-quality Antronix equipment. With our inventory of new and refurbished Antronix hardware, you can maintain excellent network performance while simplifying overall system management processes.

Scalable Antronix Technology From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply’s new and used Antronix equipment is technologically advanced and fit to support all your complex networking needs. With their durable design and intuitive features, these products are scalable solutions for a wide range of industrial environments. Products manufactured by Antronix include a variety of amplifiers, splitters, mainline passives, interoperable devices and more.

At Worldwide Supply, we offer both the Antronix In-Line 10 DB attenuator and the ARA1-15-EQ advanced residential amplifier. These devices provide more control over your network’s signals so you can equip the system with better protection and efficiency. Our products offer high-quality signal management without sacrificing productivity and have a proven track record of success among dozens of major industries.

All our used Antronix products come with a standard lifetime warranty and Worldwide Supply network support. We can deliver replacement parts as early as the same business day, and our speedy repair service options will help reduce network downtime. Combined with our 50-80% product discounts, these benefits may have a significant impact on your business’s growth.

Interested in Trading Used Equipment?

We believe in the give and take of business. Our equipment selling and trading programs help us build out our inventory while giving you a safe, fast way to dispose of used Antronix hardware. If you send us a list of your outdated equipment, we’ll provide a quick cash offer estimate and a plan to remove the equipment. We can also exchange old hardware for direct upgrades and replacements. 

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