Amino Communications

New and Used Amino Communications Solutions

Amino Communications is a leader in the IPTV and set-top box space. The company works with more than 250 operators in over 100 countries to support IP/cloud solutions. The company’s equipment focuses on the operator as you look to provide broadcast TV and digital streaming services in a full-IP architecture.

Amino is a leader in the OTT space with both hardware and software solutions designed to enhance your network. It’s a go-to for many operators because of how well its new equipment plays with legacy infrastructure. Build and scale as you need and can afford with quality, operator-ready tools.

Worldwide Supply backs their efforts by offering you a variety of new and used Amino Communications cable boxes, IP-STBs and solutions with DVR functionality. If there’s a specific box you need for your offering or want to test out a solution on an existing model, let us be your first stop.

Try Refurbished Amino Communications Options

Set-top boxes can be an expensive option to add to your network. They have high upfront costs and can introduce high replacement costs. However, Amino Communications makes quality STBs that can operate for years with minimal issues.

So, if you’re considering a new STB or OTT play, try a refurbished Amino Communications model from Worldwide Supply. Each box is tested and reviewed in our in-house lab, and it is brought back up to original OEM standards. The STB is backed by a lifetime warranty and then sold at up to 80% of initial OEM pricing.

Protect it and your budget with NetGuard maintenance support. Use the contact link above to tell us about your entire STB field and see if we can cover your whole network at a rate that’s more affordable than your current solution.