Try Our Refurbished Ameritec Networking Solutions

Ameritec was a quality provider of networking, voice, video and data gear for more than 30 years, but shut down its service and manufacturing operations in 2013. That means few of its devices are under warranty and many can no longer be serviced by the company or its partners.

However, Worldwide Supply not only maintains a high volume of refurbished Ameritec equipment and components, but we also cover most of its product lines within our existing service program. Any used Ameritec equipment you buy from us will come with a limited lifetime warranty.

You deserve to choose the right equipment for your network. We make sure it’s affordable and that you can keep it running for however long your network demands.

Part of the AT&T Ecosystem

Ameritec and its subsidiaries, who operated under the Ameritec name, have been rolled back up into the AT&T behemoth as part of the AT&T Advanced Solutions program, following a merger with SBC Communications. Despite the continuation of some groups and the occasional use of the Ameritec name, the brand is no longer producing new equipment.

Support for All Gear, All the Time

Worldwide Supply is committed to helping you improve your network. Whether you want to use video quality analyzers, call generation tools, network monitoring or HD voice solutions for analog and IP networks from Ameritec, we’re here to help.

You tell us the gear you need and we work to find it if we don’t have it in stock already. Our technicians can repair almost any equipment to like-new status. Discover what you need by contacting us or using the links below to look through our Ameritec selection.