If you operate an enterprise or subscriber network, you know how important it is to have high-quality equipment. Scalability, strength and productivity are major priorities to consider when you’re working with networking technology. At Worldwide Supply, we strive to help you build a successful network that lowers your operating costs.

Worldwide Supply is a leading provider of OEM telecom solutions as well as a selection of new and refurbished Alantec equipment. While Fore Systems acquired Alantec several decades ago, this brand’s systems continue to serve companies across many industries. Check out our product pages to learn more about the options we have available. 

Reliable and Cost-Effective Used Alantec Equipment

Partner with Worldwide Supply today, and you can enhance your network with our new and used Alantec hardware. We ensure our equipment meets performance and safety standards so you can stay productive and on budget.

We frequently carry the Alantec Powerhub 7000, which comes in excellent condition and has three modules. If you’re looking for a unit that can deliver optimal efficiency and support your other Alantec equipment, this Powerhub solution could be the right one for your requirements. 

Why Buy Refurbished Solutions From Worldwide Supply?

Buying refurbished Alantec hardware helps you save money on high-quality equipment. While it sometimes makes sense to choose the latest model, there are other instances where you need a wider range of options. At Worldwide Supply, we’re constantly refining and expanding our inventory so you can find the equipment you’re looking for. We offer:

  • An inventory containing $250 million in OEM products
  • A variety of spare parts that we can deliver in 24 hours
  • A standard lifetime warranty for most refurbished equipment
  • Third-party preventive maintenance and repair services
  • Unlimited technical support programs
  • Trade and Exchange programs to increase your ROI

Contact Us for All Your New and Used Equipment Needs

Are you ready to buy or sell used Alantec equipment? We work around the globe to make sure you receive the networking solutions you need. Learn more about our products or contact us for a quote today.