Buy and Sell Used Airpax Networking Equipment

Airpax is a crucial creator of thermal circuit breakers, power inverters, semiconductor fuses, temperature sensors and multiple monitoring options to keep network deployments safe and manageable. The company was sold to Sensata Technologies in 2007 and folded into its operations that serve OEMs and telcos, boosting its mobile market offering as well as power control and management tools.

Today, the Airpax brand is maintained by Sensata and includes a variety of power switches and modular distribution tools. The line has expanded to protected battery disconnects, linear actuators and rugged hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers The company has ended its APG, UPG, APL and UPL series, treating them as legacy products and replacing them with IAG and IAL series units.

Why Work With Worldwide Supply for Airpax Equipment?

We offer a complete line of power technologies from OEMs including Airpax, helping your network deploy in new regions and customer locations with many different power needs. We can offer used Airpax UL 489s that provide the smallest 240VAC case size in the market, specifically for datacom and telecom applications, plus many solutions from other leading providers.

By offering you used and refurbished Airpax power products, we’ll help you find what you need at up to 80% off OEM pricing. It’s a smart way for you to get reliable equipment at a price that lets you invest in your network across multiple needs. All our products, including used Airpax power options, are refurbished in-house and tested to survive real-world situations.

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