Actelis Networks

Save on Refurbished Actelis Networks Equipment

Actelis Networks is a provider of high-performance solutions supporting broadband over copper for telco, mobile and IoT deployments, with an emphasis on scalability and growth. The company’s equipment is designed to enable copper networks to deliver high-speed Ethernet service reliably. Broadband solutions are designed to work in a variety of deployments, including remote and edge locations that previously would have needed their own fiber or microwave support.

The brand has specific equipment for residential broadband, cellular backhaul, Ethernet of business, Wi-Fi backhaul and DSLAM solutions for service operators. Recent moves have pushed it into the industrial space with all-in-one industrial Ethernet switches and extenders. The design highlights rugged capabilities with unique layouts, including units that are mountable almost anywhere.

New and Used Actelis Networks Options

Worldwide Supply offers both new and used Actelis Networks equipment designed to enhance your network. Our refurbished Actelis Networks options come with a lifetime guarantee and are brought back up to OEM standards through our in-house experts and testing facility.

We review every piece of equipment we sell to ensure top quality and capability. However, you can save up to 80% off original OEM pricing when you select a refurbished model. To ensure your network stays safe, we also offer a comprehensive maintenance program that covers dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of product families.

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