Buy New and Used ACS Servers

Avocent makes a series of ACS servers designed to give you the latest technological improvements, whether you’re managing a small network or large-scale operations. They’re common in network operations centers due to their smart and secure remote management capabilities. We offer a selection of new and discontinued options, giving you a chance to save by selecting a refurbished ACS server.

Avocent, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vertiv, is best known for its keyboard, video and mouse equipment that recently expanded to support remote management and control of data centers as well as other real-time management solutions.

You may have seen some ACS equipment from the late 2000s listed under the Emerson Electric name. This company purchased Avocent in 2009, but it was later spun off in 2016 and rebranded under Vertiv. The company kept some Avocent and ACS branding to maintain continuity with product families and customer recognition.

Refurbished ACS Networking Equipment

Worldwide Supply carries a selection of new and refurbished ACS servers designed to help your business and network grow as you need. The ACS-48 is a robust option with a high-speed processor platform with dual Gigabit-Ethernet ports to support Ethernet as well as wireless and fast variants, though it is discontinued by the company. This provides you with a great refurbished option from Worldwide Supply, saving you up to 80% off original OEM pricing.

We also carry the updated ACS-6048 line to support next-gen technology and customer demands. Browse our new and used ACS server options with the buttons below.