Why Healthcare Providers Choose Worldwide Supply

Why Healthcare Providers Choose Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply offers healthcare industry technology and management services designed specifically to help your business grow while targeting two of the most significant problems you face: cost and security.

Our experts can help you improve your network to build out support for EHRs, improve patient data management, and keep your staff up-to-date on the latest patient status as well as regulatory requirements. By strengthening your network and maximizing your uptime, you’ll be in the best position to deliver reliable services for every part of your business.

Healthcare IT Equipment and Supplies

You have specific healthcare industry technology needs based on the size of your data network, the number patients you see and the layout of your offices. Worldwide Supply experts are available to discuss your network and come up with a comprehensive solution designed to meet your challenges and prepare you for the continued adoption of EHRs and other requirements in new payment and reimbursement models.

Don’t let your care suffer because you lack the right IT equipment or supplies. Get what you need without limitation or reservation.

Worldwide supply offers healthcare industry technology from today’s leading OEMs and allows you to get it all in a single place, from a single vendor. Simplify your procurement while still getting significant savings by choosing from our new and refurbished healthcare IT equipment and supplies.

Everything we sell comes with a lifetime warranty and we can cover your entire network under a single equipment contract.

Healthcare Network Management

Worldwide Supply offers comprehensive network management and maintenance services that are perfect for the healthcare setting. With multiple redundancies, backup power supplies and generators, plus leading technology for delivering data between EHRs and specialty equipment, you’ll be in safe hands.

Don’t lose business or put patients in harm’s way with a network that goes down. Our experts will give you the tools you need to mitigate those risks and route around a problem immediately, while technicians can work on and resolve points of failure.

Worldwide Supply offers a comprehensive healthcare network management service designed to protect the integrity of your network, reliability of your service and the life of your equipment. Our solution includes:

  • 24/7 data monitoring
  • Anti-virus tools
  • Data backups
  • Network optimization
  • Managed IT designed to reduce employee costs
  • And more, all at a single price

Plus, you can alleviate concerns about the safety of your network equipment with our NetGuard maintenance program. Our tools cover all OEM brands under a single contract and prevent you from being locked into any costly, unnecessary upgrades. Our healthcare partners save as much as 50% to 90% off standard OEM equipment maintenance and network support. Coverage includes devices that reach end-of-life status but still work well for your network.

You get comprehensive healthcare network management and maintenance without the restrictions — such as only working on CMTS maintenance or branded technologies — common to our competitors. We’re the single, robust solution you need to take care of all your healthcare technology.

The Right Choice for Healthcare Industry Technology

What do you need most from your healthcare network management and equipment?

Whether you answered loss prevention, automation, digitization, data migration, network support or the ability to grow your network to meet customer needs, Worldwide supply has the healthcare industry technology, tools and expertise to help you achieve that goal.

Care providers often think of the networks and care they need last, but we know that bolstering your capabilities is a proven way to improve the care you can deliver. Let us be your capabilities partner for network support and development. You don’t stop until the job is done, and neither do we.

Worldwide Supply has been delivering specific IT equipment and supplies as well as services for healthcare companies and hospitals for more than 12 years. Our experts have seen all of the network deployment needs, outdated hardware, disaster recovery plans, loss prevention and network redundancy requirements that you’ll face. And we’ve helped to solve them all.

Whether you’re upgrading to a new system, looking to deliver faster and more reliable care, moving to the cloud for further EHR support or merely facing IT uncertainty, Worldwide Supply is the partner you can count on to affordably turn issues into opportunities.

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