Five Secrets the Network Hardware OEMs Don’t Want You to Know

By Shawn Grennan, National Sales Director

If you work in network IT, you’re probably familiar with the pre-owned equipment market and third party maintenance services but perhaps you haven’t made the leap yet to deploy refurbished equipment in your network.

We can understand why—there are many misconceptions about the secondary hardware marketplace: we just broker (untested) equipment to the customer; the hardware isn’t guaranteed against defect; and, being transaction-based, there isn’t any valuable maintenance or service available to support your business.

When it comes to the Worldwide Supply business model, these assumptions could not be more wrong.

Let me explain why:

When you partner with a longstanding company like Worldwide Supply to maintain or upgrade your network, you will receive thoroughly tested, lifetime-guaranteed products at 50 to 90% less than OEM prices.

Equally important, we’re here to back you up—with products ready to ship next-day and around-the-clock maintenance and repairs programs–all day, every day.

The OEMs would obviously prefer you continue to buy from them at top dollar (and continuously upgrade every time they launch a new version).

But I’d like to outline another option – by creating a partnership with a secondary market powerhouse who will help you save money and reduce network downline.

Let me set the record straight about how our industry really works:

1. You can buy all the top brands–fully warranted– from the secondary market

Due to our long-term relationships with hundreds of vendors and network operators around the world, we have acquired more than $500M in network hardware inventory that is ready to ship as soon as today (yes, today).

Here are a few examples:

See a listing of the 30+ brands we inventory, including Cisco

2. Your company will save thousands using guaranteed, pre-owned equipment–this year, next year…

Worldwide Supply’s vetted global network of telecom and wireless products are available at outstanding discounts up to 90% off OEM pricing (a fact the OEMs really would prefer you not know).

For even deeper network cost savings, our pre-owned equipment has been rigorously tested and painstakingly refurbished to ensure 100% reliability by our team of certified engineers and technicians.

One of the values that sets Worldwide Supply apart is the fact that we offer warranties on all of our products.

Every piece of equipment in our vast inventory has been individually tested by our team of in-house system engineers. And unlike many of the OEMs today, we back all of our equipment with a Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own it.

In the unlikely event you ever have an issue, we’ll repair it or replace it.

Looking for a specific item? Request a WWS product price quote here:

3. The exploding secondary network hardware industry is a $5B market for some very good reasons

Find out what so many other network managers have discovered—there are other options for purchasing, maintaining and even repairing your network systems—at a cost much less than you have been paying to an OEM.

As your networking hardware ages and the needs of your business change, you need a partnership with anetwork product, maintenance and repair provider who knows and understands your unique network system–and is ready to offer support at a moment’s notice.

In many cases, businesses don’t need the “latest and greatest” system hardware in order to have a highly competent and effective IT network.

Our products are thoroughly tested and come with a full warranty ensuring the best quality. Our return rate on the products we sell is less than 1 percent.

We have one of the most extensive test facilities ensuring that all equipment is the best quality. All testing is performed as per the OEM test specifications and procedures. Equipment is tested in a simulated live traffic environment to assure that it meets the demands of our customers. New tests and new products are added to our Lab every week.

More than any other factor, we value the monumental importance of quality. Worldwide Supply is proud to be TL 9000 Quality Management Systems Certified. We are committed to providing our clients the best practices and highest quality standards in the industry.

4. A global supplier like Worldwide Supply can ship faster than the OEMs

Once your system goes down, your company is losing money and, in some cases, frustrating valuable customers. These losses are painful and add up quickly.

One of the ways we build and maintain long-term relationships with clients is through our collective ‘drop everything and get this company back in business’ mentality when it comes to network system crises.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 global telecom or a rural start-up, we’ll deliver the equipment you need—long before most OEMs are even aware of your situation.

From a Cisco Optical Transport to a Nortel microwave radio, a secondary market IT hardware reseller can provide you with everything your data center needs for the short- and long-term.

Every day, Worldwide Supply ships network equipment same-day and next-day from more than 400 global locations situated throughout North America, South America and across Europe.

Concerned we may not have the equipment or part you need? We have more than $500M in inventory every day.

Can your OEM guarantee that?

5. Through reliable third party maintenance, you can avoid the EoL panic once and for all.

When your OEM suddenly announces an End of Life (EoL), users are unexpectedly left out in the cold once they cut off support—unless you upgrade to their “latest and greatest,” of course.

But we’ll say out loud what you probably already know—

There is no reason to replace equipment (and thousands of dollars) from a system which is achieving your hardware needs. It’s wasteful to the environment as well as the company’s bottom line.

NetGuard, Worldwide Supply’s cost-effective alternative to OEM maintenance, changes the conversation about network maintenance. Instead of “Best We Can Do,” NetGuard offers “Best Fit for You.”

NetGuard helps network operators manage your product line in the most efficient manner possible:

  • 24x7x365 technical support from our in-house team of experts
  • Industry-best stocking position with exclusive access to equipment
  • Savings of up to 50% over OEM “Advanced Replacement” Solution
  • Customizable programs – stocking locations, hardware replacement SLAs, etc.

The OEMs would prefer you not know that third party network maintenance companies exist

When Worldwide Supply can offer the same high-quality products, along with ongoing maintenance and repairs, at a fraction of the cost, savvy IT managers are realizing it’s time to switch.

If you haven’t made the move beyond the OEM, we welcome you to reach out to our Worldwide Supply team to have a quick conversation about what your needs are today and down the road.

Our goal is to share ideas about how we can make a significant reduction in your Technology Department’s bottom line—without sacrificing quality.

We welcome an opportunity to learn more about your company and how we can help maintain your network quality at a significantly reduced cost.

We look forward to talking with you.

To learn more, visit our FAQS page or call 888.328.2266.

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