IT Equipment Needs You’ll Only Find in Healthcare

IT Equipment You'll Only Find in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare settings have some of the most sophisticated technology in the world, and it cannot fail. Failures risk lives and safety, so it’s your job — and the job of healthcare IT equipment partners like Worldwide Supply — to make sure those failures never happen.

There are also unique requirements to protect your privacy, too, so that every aspect of the patient’s identity is safe. When HIPAA was introduced in 1996, the IT side of healthcare changed forever. It introduced privacy considerations, and these were further solidified in subsequent legislation and requirements, such as those introduced by the Affordable Care Act.

Let’s take a look at some of the IT equipment unique to the health and safety practices in hospitals and your local doctor’s office — as well as what that equipment needs to keep working properly.

Healthcare IT: Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records provide a comprehensive look at who each patient is and how their health has progressed throughout their lives. It includes a medical history, current health status, medications and much more.

EHRs are an important part of hospital IT technology because they show, for example, what you’re allergic to and what medication you’re on. Legislation often requires EHRs for the care provider to be reimbursed for rendered services.

So, your practitioner will need a comprehensive record that is in a format that can be delivered easily, and the right networking equipment to make sure it’s shared safely and securely.

Hospital IT Technology: Video Recordings

One new addition to some EHRs and internal records are videos of your visit with a healthcare professional.

Sometimes videos allow you to have a record of what the doctor says so you can replay it later. This is very useful when receiving a major diagnosis, such as cancer. Not only does it require hospital IT equipment, but also strong networking gear to ensure video is delivered smoothly and securely.

HIPAA protections extend to videos and their data, so these concerns remain with video recordings of visits and similar healthcare equipment and supplies.

Always-on IT Equipment: Staff Management

We’re all familiar with EKGs and heart monitors as well as the big wall of technology in hospital rooms that deliver medicine and tell nurses and doctors how you’re doing. These systems continually feed back information that is relevant and needs to be reviewed.

Hospitals ensure they have the right people available to review your charts, results and more by using staffing management technology. It’s not the hospital IT equipment tools you’d expect, but it allows them to optimize shifts and talent so you’re always in safe hands.

And, because labor and staff can represent as much as 50 percent of a hospital’s operating costs, tools to manage them are invaluable for keeping your stay affordable. IT equipment isn’t just about health and safety — it also ensures they can run a smart business.

Hospital IT Equipment: The Hybrid Operating Room

Some of the coolest healthcare equipment and supplies are found in hybrid operating rooms. These ORs blend innovative technologies and practices to optimize space in the room and surgery success. They began with assistive technologies such as mobile C-arms with video capabilities.

This health care IT equipment makes it easier for surgeons to see and perform complex tasks while monitoring vital signs and more. If this equipment fails, life is in danger. To keep a hybrid OR safe, it needs a variety of data, networking, video and other support.

Worldwide Supply Can Power Your Healthcare IT Equipment

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of healthcare equipment and supplies designed to optimize your spend and success. We know you’re likely working on a fixed budget that needs to address a wide range of tools and uses.

Your network needs to be robust and secure, with backups and quick disaster recovery support. Plus, we have certified-HIPAA security professionals who can ensure your network meets today’s requirements and protects your practice from litigation or fines. We’ve been able to protect businesses and care providers like you for more than a decade with everything your network needs.

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