2 Ways You Can Save Money with Third Party Maintenance

August 9, 2018

Can third-party maintenance services really save you money? Accenture, a leading worldwide business consulting firm, reported numerous saving opportunities, as a result of utilizing third party maintenance services for their network maintenance needs. Companies can experience significant savings if they are willing to consider third-party maintenance options to optimize their IT cost structure, and the […]

Third Party vs. OEM Network Maintenance

March 9, 2017

Efficiency is everything in the IT world. From cost to labor to functionality, efficiency is the focus of businesses around the globe. As businesses adjust to the digital age, they expect efficiency among their IT professionals as well, which is one of the reasons — despite the skyrocketing workloads of IT professionals — IT departmental […]

Seven Insider Tools to Know Before Moving Your Data Center to Third Party Maintenance

February 9, 2017

By Owen Grohman, Director of Services Increasingly, enterprise IT managers are learning that adopting third party network maintenance is not only exponentially less expensive, it also alleviates a mountain of administrative headaches associated with managing SLAs from multiple OEMs. If your telecom, healthcare organization or enterprise is thinking about migrating from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) […]