Cisco C6500 Series Switches

used cisco c6500 switches

Cisco C6500 Series Switches

Welcome to the workhorse of the campus backbone. Cisco’s Catalyst 6500 series switches are some of the most commonly deployed campus backbone switches today, thanks to optimization capabilities for multi-gigabit Ethernet services and smart security options.

With five different chassis and eight supervisors to choose from, there’s a Cisco C6500 model available that’s right for your needs, even if those include a forwarding capacity of up to 720 Mbps.

Experience what the Cisco digital network architecture can provide to your campus, and see significant savings of that deployment when you choose a used or refurbished Cisco C6500 series model from Worldwide Supply.

Why Pick the C6500?

Cisco designed the C6500 series to be built around four S’s of an intelligent and capable network:

  1. Scalable: C6500 series switches can be tailored to deliver secure services from 1 to 10 Gb.
  2. Secure: The C6500 provides support for dynamic, role-based access control and delivers significant network visibility by combining Cisco TrustSec and IOS Flexible NetFlow functionality.
  3. Simple: Extend your backbone features directly to the access layer for easier management and configuration controls through the Cisco-branded Catalyst Instant Access and Smart Operations toolkits.
  4. Smart: Virtual switching gives you support for resiliency and high availability when you’re running any integrated modules for analysis, automation, security or wireless support.

Why Choose Worldwide Supply?

Worldwide Supply checks all of the OEM equipment and brings everything up to your standards through rigorous testing and maintenance. That means you get high-quality, refurbished Cisco C6500 switches at a fraction of their OEM price.

And, when you’re ready for the next upgrade, we buy used Cisco C6500 switches and other networking equipment so you can get an even larger return on your initial investment.

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