Integrated Metro Cell Base Transceiver Stations

Nortel’s Metro Cell BTS has increased its position as a top base station with support for a broad range of frequency brands including 450, 800 and 1900 MHz plus AWS. Because of its flexible nature, you’ll have a cost-efficient pay-as-you-grow deployment option. You can even support multiple CMDA air interfaces in a single BTS to create a smooth transition path as you upgrade your network.

These systems are already focused on cost savings, but used Nortel base stations give you the additional benefit of reducing your costs by as much as 70%. Turn to Worldwide Supply when you’re ready to buy Nortel cellular base stations, and our staff can ensure your purchase will:

  • Assist in existing evolution and upgrade paths for your network
  • Provide flexibility and scaling options to make future expansion easy
  • Meet existing and projected demand with best-in-class capacity

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