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Lorain LPS and LXP Options

Many Lorain Power Systems (LPS) are still powering networks around the globe. These modular Lorain DC power systems support -48VDC to +24VDC converters to introduce flexibility and space-saving to your extended network. Used Marconi DC power systems that utilize the LPS platform specialize in single-frame design that increases capacity. They can also reduce floor-space requirements by as much as 40% compared to standard DC power plant architecture.

With an emphasis on space-limited central office locations and cell sites, many networks are finding that used Lorain DC power systems are a cost-effective way to manage and grow wireless and wireline networks — especially when plug-and-play support is a must.

Lorain’s LXP Power System brings a similar focus to a broader set of rapid deployment options, thanks to features such as remote access, extensive battery management and support across Ethernet, TCP/IP and SNMP. Check out our selection below and request a quote.

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