Alcatel Lucent 7250 SAS

The Alcatel Lucent 7250 SAS brings impressive functionality to the customer edge, allowing your network to prioritize services and reliability while continuing to generate significant revenue and expand your overall carrier Ethernet portfolio.

Worldwide Supply helps carriers like yours further maximize their operational efficiency with a line of refurbished Alcatel Lucent 7250 SAS that are kept at OEM-quality through certified engineering and maintenance teams. We ensure that every unit we provide can maintain its Metro Ethernet Forum 9 and MEF 14 certifications, and can guarantee support of MPLS, Ethernet, emulation and OAM tools.

Boost your competitive edge with a cost-effective service extension. Being on the edge never has to feel like it.

Features of the Alcatel Lucent 7250 SAS

Used Alcatel Lucent 7250 SAS central office switching systems deliver all the features and benefits that countless carriers depend on each day for their operations and customer satisfaction.

Provide hierarchical quality of service with two levels of scheduling and per-service, class-based queuing. Enable the 5620 SAM module for simple controls, push bidirectional forwarding, support a variety of structured and unstructured packetization modes plus enjoy hot-swappable and redundant power options.

Your network and your customers will be pleased with extendable service intelligence for a variety of VPN and VPLS offerings, cost mitigation of voice and data services for multi-tenant buildings, simplified management, higher-margin service support and much more.

Bring your network’s profitability to the forefront with a used Alcatel Lucent 7250 SAS central office switching system from Worldwide Supply.

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