Our Core Values

Our company was founded upon the principle of our core values. There is nothing more important as an organization than how we conduct ourselves to all of our stakeholders. We live by these values every day and that has created a very unique and special work environment at Worldwide Supply.

Our clients tell us they love working with Worldwide Supply because of our exceptional customer service and cost savings. We have created a culture that promotes a behavior of taking care of the customer at all costs. When you combine that with the significant savings it is our recipe for success. These are our core values exhibited each and every day:


We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We also acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes.


A commitment in heart and mind to exceeding the expectations of our customers, partners and co-workers.


We have created a special and unique workplace that thrives on the freedom of creativity and ingenuity, while enabling us to listen and be open to the possibility of new ideas.


We demonstrate honesty and reliability in every action we take. We seek to earn the trust and respect of our customers, vendors and one another every day.


We work together with great passion, enthusiasm and camaraderie in an innovative, supportive and fun environment.